INVICTUS Overcoming the Coronavirus

INVICTUS, will develop your relationship with God and inform you how faith, hope, love, peace, grace and joy can strengthen your soul to overcome the coronavirus.

The coronavirus has fostered death and destruction throughout the world. It has brought about mass misery, poverty, destabilization of the world economy, collapse of healthcare, disruption of social, educational, recreational, and religious life, however, its greatest damage is on the soul. The social isolation, financial hardship, limitations to our freedom, loneliness, frustration, complicated grief, existential emptiness, nihilism, hopelessness, anger, sadness, despair, and deep sense of loss associated with the coronavirus has taken a toll on the soul.

Consequently, many have lost faith in God, hope for the future, love for humanity, grace for change, peace of mind, and joy for life.

How do we handle this major threat to our soul? We use a mask to cover our mouth and nose, but what do we use to cover the soul from the spiritual toxicity of the coronavirus?

Fortunately, God has blessed humanity with spiritual values and biblical principles that will safeguard us from COVID 19s spiritual toxicity. Practicing virtues of faith, hope , love, peace, grace, and joy will protect the soul and empower us to become, "more than conquerors." (Romans 8:37 NRSV) We are Invictus-unconquerable when we trust God and apply Gods' values to our lives.

INVICTUS Overcoming the Coronavirus