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Aging Gracefully: Spiritual Care for Aging Adults


Aging Gracefully: Spiritual Care for the Aging Adults is an excellent resource for pastors, chaplains, social workers, nurses, physicians, geriatric workers, health aides, and caregivers who serve aging adults. It provides information on how to conduct a spiritual assessment, render spiritual care, develop a spiritual care group for aging adults and spiritual self-care tips for caregivers and healthcare providers. This is a must-read for everyone who is caring for an elderly person who wants to age gracefully.



Hope for Your Soul: Words of Encouragement

Do you need a word of encouragement? Hope For Your Soul will lift you from the valley of despair to mountain tops of hope. Each meditation will strengthen your faith to pursue your dreams and move your mountains. This is a must read for every soul that hungers for hope and inspiration.

In a time where suicide is at an all-time high, despair and depression abound both within and outside of the Church, and the political landscape is dangerously repressive and regressive, the Prophet in the person of the Dr. Samuel White, III, stands in the ruins and says “Yes …there is hope.”
—Dr. Genetta Y. Hatcher
Vice President of Administration and Student Services
Director of Recruitment
Ecumenical Theological Seminary

One of the most difficult struggles can be the struggle to find hope. Drawing from his many years of experience as pastor, teacher, and writer, Dr. Samuel White, III helps us find our way to that elusive goal. If you’re looking for a reminder of what truly matters in our lives, and a road map for how to get back there, you’ll find it in the pages of Hope For Your Soul.
—Dr. Brandon R. Grafius
Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, Ecumenical Theological Seminary

Dr. Samuel White, III, encourages the reader that there is hope for the mind, body and more importantly the soul.
—-Dr. Edward Knox
Author “God’s Grace Through Grief”



Book Reviews

Reverend White has crafted a valuable guide for helping caregivers learn how to engage in meaningful spiritual dialogue with aging adults, so they may reflect on their own life and purpose.
Mary Kummer Naber, President/CEO, PACE Southeast Michigan

Dr. White’s contribution will serve as a welcome reference resource to those dedicated to the loving care of the elderly.Rev. Dr. Kenneth E. Harris, President, Ecumenical Theological Seminary, Senior Pastor, Detroit Bible Tabernacle

There is no doubt that this book will impact all who read it whether an aging adult, personal caregiver or healthcare providers who have chosen caring for this population as their calling
Gwendolyn Graddy-Dansby, M.D., F.A.C.P. Medical Director, PACE Southeast Michigan

Dr. White skillfully and succinctly describes the existential needs of the elderly in this simple, but spectacular read. Summarizing empirical research, quotes from the brilliant, vast personal experience, and alliterative aids, he provides a comprehensive guide for primary spiritual care for both families and professional caregivers
Evan Fonger, M.D., PACE Southeast Michigan

Dr. Samuel White, III has authored a comprehensive yet practical handbook for health care professionals and even family members caring for aging adults.
Sue Hammel, RN, BSN, PACE Southeast Michigan, Director of Operations- West

As a social worker for PACE, I highly recommend this book to my co-workers, friends, family members who work in the health care industry.
Linda Bazzy, LMSW, PACE Southeast Michigan

Aging Gracefully tells how a positive spiritual or religious attitude can enhance the aging process and a support group.
M. McBride, Coordinator, Senior/Retiree Program

No More Tears: Comfort for the Grieving


Are you and your family grieving the death of a loved one and need comfort? NO MORE TEARS will comfort you as you cry for your beloved, cope with the loss and create a new life of peace and joy. Moreover, it provides information on how to comfort the bereaved of all ages, develop a Grief Support Group, conduct a Memorial Service and give a eulogy.


Book Reviews

It is a masterful creation, bereavement bible and a missal of encouragement that I would recommend to those who are grieving and those working in the field of Grief and Loss.
Kathleen M. VanNeste-Kortebein, MS, LPC, Bereavement Specialist

An excellent and introspective read that will guide you toward understanding your grief and coping with your loss. This book will lead you in the right direction to live a more peaceful and joyful life. Terriffc advice and resources to assist and comfort the bereaved. I would recommend this book to anyone who is struggling with grief.
Anna Goff, MSW, Hospice Social Worker, Grief Counselor

NO MORE TEARS is a must read for all pastors, ministers, deacons and grief counselors who comfort the bereaved
Rev. Deloris Greer-Stevens, Friendship Baptist Church

The pages are filled with valuable information, instruction and encouragement.
Dr. Samuel Bullock j r., Bethany Baptist Church

A book that I highly recommend to all Psychologist, Social Workers, Nurses and Counselors who care for the elderly.
Sandra White, Director of Operations – East PACE Southeast Michigan




Healing your Soul, Christian Self-Care


Book Reviews

Healing Your Soul starts with a systematic approach to understanding the soul and its ailments. Dr. White does an extraordinary job of defining “spiritual sickness,” the symptoms, treatment, and finally the doctor’s orders, which is the Word of God as the ultimate prescription or medication for healing our souls. This book lays the foundation for discovering that spiritual healing for spirit, soul, and body is available and is a gift from God.
Gwen Graddy-Dansby MD, FACP

Dr. White’s genuineness is what makes Healing Your Soul so refreshing! His honesty concerning his own need for spiritual healing creates a sacred space for the reader to be open, honest, andself-reflective. It is an invitation to trust God and experience his power in new and fresh ways!
Dr. Michael Williams, Executive Minister of the American Baptist Churches of Michigan

Healing Your Soul encourages us to develop and covet our own personal relationship with God in order to cope with latent, sometimes blatant, and uncomfortable sins.
Grenae Dudley White PhD, LP

Healing Your Soul cuts to the core of sin, temptation, and the lack of self-care, which often plagues the fabric of most inner, ontological thinking. Dr. White shares his struggles and successes on how his meditation became his medication for the soul. This is an absolute must-read book.
Rev. Dr. Edwin H. Holmes, President of the Michigan Progressive Baptist Convention



Dying in Peace, Preparing for Eternity

If you were told that you had a certain amount of time to live, what would you do? If you were aware that a family member, a friend or someone you know was terminally ill, what would you say to them or how would you help them? Dying in Peace : Preparing for Eternity, was written to help you answer these questions. This spiritual workbook will help us prepare for death by addressing our spiritual, psychological, social, and physical concerns. Our dying Savior Jesus Christ uttered seven last phrases from His cross which inspires us to forgive others, transcend our pain for paradise, share our love, pray thru our loneliness, express our passion, experience spiritual fulfilment and deliverance. Dying in Peace, provides important end of life information on how to prepare your funeral or memorial service, Last Will and Testament, Obituary, Patient Advocate, and DNR. Furthermore, it encourages us to perform a Spiritual Self- Assessment, fulfil our Spiritual Bucket List and record our Life Story. This spiritual and practical information can be used by clergy, healthcare professionals and everyone who cares for the terminally ill. Dying in Peace, can be used in a group bible study. Its Christ centered approach to the subject of death is spiritually enlightening and empowering for people of every church, race, class, nationality and level of spirituality. Dying in Peace : Preparing for Eternity, helps us face our mortality and enhances our spirituality that we may have peace with God, others and our self.



Book Reviews

Dying in Peace: Preparing for Eternity, is an outstanding contribution to the therapeutic properties that confront the challenges of the terminally ill. It is a professional manual for hospice workers and a personal work book for patients and their families. Presented with great clarity and instruction, this book is a necessary tool for everyone involved in the death and dying process. Dr. White has given us a profound work to be embraced.”Rev. Alta Davis, LLpc, D.Min.
Chaplain/Grief Counselor

“Dr. Samuel White, III has written another excellent contribution for the care and well being of the dying. Dying in Peace: Preparing for Eternity, is a book that I will use and highly recommend as a rich resource for those involved in this sacred time in peoples’ lives.”Rev. Barry Smith
Hospice Chaplain

Dying in Peace brings together the hard facts of what is surely going to happen to all of us as we experience loved ones and then our own transition to death. It ties the comfort of the scripture and practical advice on dealing with this very difficult subject.”Mrs. Patty Foster, R.N.
Hospice Nurse

“Dr. White provides a valuable resource to help expand our horizons. This book offers practical guidance and wisdom which can lead individuals and families into broader pathways of peace.”Rev. Lois Vaughn
Hospice Chaplain

Dying in Peace contains a wealth of information and wisdom and deserves a place on the library shelf of all hospice/palliative care wards.”Mrs. Lisa Martin, MSW
Hospice Social Worker

“I was truly blessed by the reflections and meditations of Dying in Peace.”E.D. Hospice Patient

My Brothers Keeper, Church Ministry for Young African American Males

My Brother’s Keeper is a training manual for clergy, laity, parents, teachers, social workers, youth workers, guidance counselors and caring persons who want to develop a Mentoring Program, Rites of Passage, Conflict Resolution Classes, Liberation Lessons and use Rap music to free young, African American males from their spiritual, social, and psychological bondage. Moreover, these ministries will raise their self-esteem, fulfill their paternal deprivation, help them manage their anger, instruct them to be peacemakers, develop their moral consciousness and save their souls. If you are tired of watching our young men wearing sagging pants, rapping with profanity, using the “n” word, dropping out of school, getting high, selling drugs, having children out of wedlock, terrorizing our neighborhood, going to jail, killing one another, then this book is for you. This book will not only tell you what happened to our boys but what you can do about it. For too long we have rejected, ignored, or demonized black boys and asked, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” It is time for Christians and people of good will to acknowledge the fact that we are our brother’s keeper and “do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with our God.” It is time for us to heed the words of Jesus, “ preach good tidings unto the poor; heal the brokenhearted, proclaim liberty to the captives, and let the oppressed go free.”



Book Reviews

“Dr. Samuel White, III, has done the Church a tremendous service by writing this book to help us develop a ministry with our boys. Giving us an overview of the social, economic, and spiritual challenges that our boys face, White gives practical tips on how we can break these chains and set them free. This is a must read for churches who are serious about ministering to our boys!”Rev. Dr. James Perkins Pastor Greater
Christ Baptist Church, Detroit Michigan President Progressive National Baptist Convention

My Brother’s Keeper is an excellent guide for mentoring our young people in general and our young men in particular. A readable and helpful book. I highly recommend it to anyone concerned about how to reach this generation.”Rev. Dr. Kevin Turman Pastor Second Baptist Church, Detroit Michigan

“My Brothers Keeper is a must read for all who sincerely want every young person, especially at-risk young men reach their God-given potential.”Rev. Lawerence T. Foster Pastor The Calvary Baptist Church, Detroit Michigan


Loving the Soul: How to Love

Loving the Soul: How to Love should be read by every clergy and professional caregiver who wants to improve their quality of service to humanity, especially the marginalized. Moreover, it should be read by every child of God who wants to know how to listen, learn, and love souls. If you want to be a more loving person and enhance your relationship with Jesus Christ, this book is for you. Loving the Soul: How to Love is an essential training manual that every pastor should have to “equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ” (Eph. 4:12, ESV). This book provides a wide variety of ministries that will help your church fulfill the missionary mandates of the gospel.



Book Reviews

“Loving the Soul is an excellent book. Dr. White explains, in detail, the many ways we need to examine our self, our service, and the challenging situations that require the love of God. Dr. White’s style of using biblical and personal stories makes this an enjoyable, informative, yet captivating read. I recommend this book in this season of harsh, mean, and immoral behaviors for ministries and congregants who are trying to navigate with a spirit of love in an unjust world”(Rev. Dr. Constance Simon, assistant professor of Christian education,
Ecumenical Theological Seminary, Detroit, Michigan)

“Dr. White is masterful in taking God’s best gift [love] and showing us how to apply it to
where it does the most good [the soul]”
(Dr. Anneliese Sinnott, OP, professor emerita of Systematic Theology,
Ecumenical Theological Seminary, Detroit, Michigan)

“This book should be mandated for all those who desire to serve in ministry and are serious about evangelizing the lost for Christ. Dr. White brilliantly deals with the love of the soul in this book in such a way that all who read it will learn and be blessed”(Rev. Richard White, III, Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, Detroit, Michigan)


The Forgiving Soul: How to Forgive Yourself, Others and Life

The Forgiving Soul shows you how to:

Accept the grace, mercy, and love of God that forgives your soul forgive yourself of your sins, shortcomings, faults and failures. Use Conflict Resolution Skills to foster peace and harmony in the family, church and society overcome life’s unfairness and injustices participate in the Process of Forgiveness that heals your heart.

Is it difficult for you to forgive someone? Does the anger and pain of the past keep you from going forward in life? Do not let another day go by! Discover the peace, healing and freedom of God’s grace and forgiveness.