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It Is Well With My Soul

What do you say to someone who is dying? How do you provide spiritual care for the terminally ill and help them make a peaceful transition? These and other questions are answered in , “It is well with my soul.” This book is an excellent resource for pastors, chaplains, physicians, hospice clinicians, nurses, social workers, home health aides, grief counselors, geriatric workers, volunteers, caregivers and everyone who cares for the dying.



Book Reviews

It is well with my Soul, is a thoughtful, comprehensive book on spiritual care for the dying. Dr. White lifts his knowledge and prose with his innate and acquired humility, kindness and compassion. I have worked with him for years and appreciate his open heart and generous nature. How fortunate that he took time to give us his wisdom as he has done so many times for my patients at the bedside.Kathleen Murphy BS MD FAAHPM, Palliative Care Consult Service Assistant Professor, Oakland University William Beaumont Medical School
William Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, Michigan

At times it seems easier to deal with the physical aspects of death and dying rather than confronting the spiritual health of a hospice patient. Dr. White has given me a new tool box to provide spiritual comfort to someone facing death and to their family and caregivers. Every hospice clinician should carry a copy of, “It is well with my soul” in their medical bag and every caregiver should have a copy on their nightstand to read and reflect on each day.Fran Adamski , RN
Hospice Clinical Manager

It is well with my soul, speaks to both chaplains and social worker issues. The information addressed by Dr. White is helpful and informative. I feel I will be able to put to use his findings in my practice as a hospice social worker.Sandra Goldberg, LMSW,Hospice Social Worker

There is not enough literature on Hospice Spiritual Assessment and Spiritual Care for the dying. It is well with my soul, is a pioneering work that provides a comprehensive Hospice Spiritual Assessment and essential information on Spiritual Care for the terminally ill. I highly recommend that every hospice chaplain, grief counselor, volunteer and pastor use this important resource as they serve the terminally ill.Rev. Dana Darby, M.Div.
Hospice Manager of Chaplains, Bereavement and Volunteer Coordinator

It is well with my soul, is a manual, an awesome tool and contribution to those who either work or care for the terminally ill. It enables the hospice chaplain , clergy , social worker and others to gain insight , information and knowledge that is important to the dying person and enhances their relationship , their belief system and bring them peace.Rev. Ingrid Ingram, D.Min. Hospice Chaplain

The spiritual meditations in, It is well with my soul, were a source of comfort and brought joy inside my tears. This book will be a great success. You wait and see.L.M., Hospice patient